About Us

Shadoblix Farm is located in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast, BC.  

We have been in business for 18 years here on the Coast and 5 years prior in Vancouver BC.  Having worked in the restaurant industry and around food in general for years before moving to the Coast, it was a natural that we began our venture into spices, teas and farming.

So often when shopping for seasonings, we would look at the ingredients and see the preservatives, additives, MSG and names we couldn't pronounce on the labels.  Worse was reading the labels and seeing a list of "some" of the contents and then the "and spices".  Well what are the spices.... If one is allergic to pepper would you not want to know that pepper is in the product?

That's why our products list "all" the ingredients used.

We have a varied product line:

We will be offering most of our products here in our online shop as well as our Farm Gate stand and the local Farmers Market and a few select shops around the Coast.

We look forward to you trying our products.